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Who Is A Technical Architect? Job Role, Responsibility, Skills

A bachelor’s degree in architecture is the minimum educational requirement on the resumes of candidates who are interested in this position. Our portfolio includes planning, architecture, interior, and sustainable design services. The firm is dedicated to the pursuit of design excellence of which sustainable design is a core component. Recent project work includes new, renovation, and adaptive re-use projects for commercial, institutional, healthcare, academic, retail and residential clients. Before drafting plans, they meet with their clients several times to learn their clients’ objectives, budget and any specific requirements for their project. Architects also work with other related professionals, such as engineers, urban planners, landscape architects, construction representatives and interior designers. Since they deal with customers and professionals directly, architects must have excellent oral and written communication skills.

You have several teams working on your project, and for everything to work harmoniously for a high-quality technical result, you need a solution architect. It’s also worth mentioning that the role of a solution architect is not limited just to ideation. This article will explain exactly what solution architects do, how their role is different from other similar positions, and what kind of projects require input from these specialists. Master’s degree and ten years of progressive experience, of which at least eight years must be specialized. Specialized experience includes superior technical knowledge in systems architect and design. Work with the engineers and product owners to ensure products align with the strategic target architecture plans as well as help produce effectively designed solutions. The Enterprise Architect assists the Chief Architect during Professional Services’ engagements and works with Lead or Principal consultants and other cross functional teams on complex customer projects.

Teamwork And People Skills

System integrations in a software development initiative come with complex details that need to be cohesively implemented. A solution architect must pay attention to the smallest detail, given that a single misstep can throw a wrench into the development process, leading to breakdowns or an adverse effect on the efficiency of the product. A solution architect curates an aligned solution for a business tech need-gap while focusing not only on selecting aligned technology but also on stakeholder requirements. A solution architect can transform business goals into a real-world tech solution that can be rapidly and successfully delivered by following solution architecture’s best practices.

architecture roles and responsibilities

An enterprise architect holds the responsibility of presiding over the company’s business environment. His major focus is on creating and managing technology solutions that are leveraged to resolve strategic and business issues. The primary goal of an enterprise architect is to facilitate a flawless SDLC while efficiently using available resources to build a robust enterprise architecture for each tech asset.

Project Architect

This example is a fundamental departure and contrast to the DOT specification example given above. In other words, there was no material specification, no assembly design, and no performance criteria had been offered. Heavy-duty aluminum foil wrap would have complied with the material “specification” requirement . The owner ultimately was required to pay the contractor for a change order in excess of $100,000. The flaw was that they had allowed the architect to cut corners by avoiding the task of truly providing design work in that instance.

architecture roles and responsibilities

Generally, project architects need at least a bachelor of architecture degree, which is usually a five-year degree program with a focus on construction projects, best practices, engineering, science, and math. Most project architects begin their career working directly under a senior architect and must complete their Architect Registration Exam and receive their state license before working independently. As part of the development and design process, a project architect also prepares project documents and specifications for both contractors and clients.

Enterprise Architect Salary

TOGAF Version 8 delivers an enterprise architecture, and therefore requires both business and IT-trained professionals to develop the enterprise architecture. If you must present a future product to investors and stakeholders, a solution architect will suggest the technologies that will match product requirements and communicate the reasoning in plain and clear business terms. Digital transformation requires businesses to reconsider either how they deliver value to their customers or what they will eventually deliver. There’s no way to answer these questions without linking technology and business perspectives, which is squarely in a solution architect’s wheelhouse. While most of these responsibilities require a leadership role from a solution architect, this person just supports PM activities to ensure that resources, risk recognition, and planning stay aligned with the solution goals. First, they create a technical vision to show how the software will cover business needs.

Some buildings are creatively constructed to look like the shape of various objects. Such astonishing edifices can only be made possible by talented and super creative architects. Therefore, an architect has an important role to play when it comes to the aesthetics of a building. Since architects are creative in their way, they have the responsibility of ensuring that the construction is not only structurally okay but also aesthetically appealing.

The Importance Of Waste Management In Construction

As a rule, this person has industry-specific expertise, so he or she understands what stakeholders want and why they want it. A solution architect also possesses strong technical skills that help him or her communicate a product vision to a development team. The Enterprise Architect leads initiatives using project management best practices and industry architecture frameworks. This position requires someone with proven industry experience working with significant degree of creativity and independence. Works under minimal supervision, with extensive latitude for the use of initiative and independent judgment. A solution architect should be a cross between a technical expert and a business executive capable of providing effective solutions across stages of the development initiative.

architecture roles and responsibilities

Architects and Engineers work closely together to oversee the construction of infrastructure. Their job duties may overlap, but both have specific roles in the construction process.

Project Management

Besides that, it’s important that solution architects consider the project in a long-term perspective and understand that the solution might need to scale and adapt to possible changes in the future. So, being the one who knows the ultimate target, they guide the development process accordingly. A software or technical architect is mainly in charge of engineering problems and software architecture. We have a detailed article describing the role of a software architect and the importance of this position to the company’s success. While the practice can be managed in-house, there are companies that provide solution architecture consulting as a specific set of services. The guide to landing an enterprise architect job Interested in becoming an enterprise architect?

  • A good specialist should be able to talk with customers in the language of business, managers of all levels, business analysts and developers in their languages.
  • If you only have one project that will not take very long to work on, you also do not need a solution architect.
  • Once everything is agreed upon, he or she monitors the process of development and keeps stakeholders informed about the progress.

Yet, each role is essential for a project’s success and could not be substituted by another position. The solution architect’s role is to analyze all non-functional requirements and ensure that further product development will meet them. The implementation stage covers the entire process of software development, including writing specifications and quality assurance. At first, a software architect works with the tech team to elaborate on all possible options of how the idea can be made a reality.

This process implies that the company is reviewing the value of the product or how they provide their product. In such a situation, a connection between technologies and business processes must be established, for which the solution architect is responsible. The main difference between the role of solution architect and a software architect’s role is that the latter deals with engineering issues only. Simultaneously, a solution architect is in charge of ensuring that a software product will solve a particular business problem within a company’s business strategy.

architecture roles and responsibilities

The Enterprise Architect is the technical lead and will provide oversight and alignment between WWT Engineers, Architects, and the customer solution architect roles and responsibilities for complex projects. The Enterprise Architect leads customer-facing Enterprise Solutions projects of medium to large-size or complexity.

They advise clients on the various steps to take with the construction sites and the type of design that will work best for the building. This way, they ensure that clients can get optimum results with their construction. Cost estimation at different stages of the project allows better control over the budget. Architects visualize the whole building structure, bringing creative designs and ideas to the construction industry, but these also Institution of Engineering and Technology require an underlying structural design and MEP installations. This Architect job description template is optimized with the key qualifications, duties and responsibilities of an Architect and it’s easy to customize for hiring. Archinect, Houzz, and iHireConstruction are popular job boards in the industry. While you will spend most of your time working in an office, you can also expect to travel, sometimes far away, to construction sites.

What is an enterprise architect? Everything you need to know about the role and where it’s going next – ZDNet

What is an enterprise architect? Everything you need to know about the role and where it’s going next.

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