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Simple Ways To Make Every Room In Your House Environmentally Friendly

Many times the homes are made from mostly concrete, protecting you from any weather conditions that would otherwise be a danger, such as tornados. These are the homes that are built into an existing hillside or slope.

how to make your home more environmentally friendly

Not only do they welcome all unwanted materials, but they sell all donations and 100% of the proceeds from these materials are used to build new homes for the underprivileged. With this in mind, not only are you being environmentally friendly, but you are truly giving back to the community. Done professionally, it costs about £200, or do it yourself with products such as Gap Seal. Make a difference and work towards saving the planet while increasing the value of your home by making it more green. Here are eight small changes that you can implement for a more environmentally friendly living space. Paper is a renewable resource made from trees or recycled materials. But manufacturing paper requires energy, so using less means you are helping to reduce that energy consumption.

Reevaluate Your Homes Insulation

Motion-sensing lights are quite common outdoors, such as near garages or walkways. However, you can also install inexpensive motion sensors indoors. These will turn the lights on when you enter, and off when you leave a room. This could be very helpful if you have a hard time remembering to switch off the lights when you leave.

how to make your home more environmentally friendly

Remembering that even when you’re not using something and it’s plugged in, it’s still eating away at potentially saved energy . Turning off any lights or appliances when you don’t use them. Encouraging others in your family to save energy by eliminating the use of certain things during high peak or mid-peak hours . Don’t feel as though you have to renovate your entire house to start being more eco-friendly. There are a few cosmetic brands that are conscious about going green. For example, look for companies that use bamboo packaging, or wrap products in plantable paper so there’s no extra packaging.

Get Pricing On Electricity Or Natural Gas Plans In Your Area

You can start conserving energy with something as simple as changing your lightbulbs. Consider replacing your regular lightbulbs with compact fluorescent lightbulbs. CFLs give off the same amount of light as your standard lightbulb, but only use between 20-30% of the energy that a standard lightbulb uses. They’ve been proven to last up to nine years while being used about 3 hours a day. Solar panels have been increasingly popular in residential home design recently.

For more information be sure to check out my post How to Save Money on Your Electric Bill in the Kitchen. Sunrun offers solar battery installation along with solar panels for little to no money down, and you can still get those solar tax credits until 2021. You will very quickly recoup those costs when you quit buying a 24-pack of water bottles every time you go to the grocery store.

Seal Gaps Around Doors And Windows

If, in the end, that SubZero fridge is an absolute must have, you could save thousands of dollars buying one that has been used for a couple of years. Cabinets may be the largest expense of a kitchen renovation, these salvage shops often have high quality cabinets in fabulous condition. There’s no justifiable excuse for packaging short-use, everyday beauty products in virgin plastic. Alternatively, you could opt for products packaged in glass that haven’t travelled too far.

how to make your home more environmentally friendly

You can read more about greenhouse gasses in my post How to Offset Your Carbon Footprint and Why You Should. I’m not one to recommend upgrading all willy nilly, but it can save you a lot of money and power in the long run.

Buy Energy

One impactful swap to use at home to save on energy is to wash your clothes in cold water. Using hot water in your washing machine requires 75% more energy just to heat the water up. Using cold water is also much better for keeping the colors of your clothes from fading as quickly as if you used hot water. Cool roofing helps keep your home’s energy costs down by reflecting more of the sunlight that would otherwise heat your home.

how to make your home more environmentally friendly

With quality EnergyStar certified windows, you could save $126-$465 per year when replacing single pane windows. When building a new house, choose quality doors and windows that won’t make your heating and cooling system work harder. Not only do these lightbulbs use less electricity, but they also last a lot longer than regular incandescent lightbulbs.

Buy Fewer Tools And Appliances, And Plan On Repairing What You Have

Programmable thermostats ensure you don’t miss the perfect times to do so – when you’re sleeping or at work for the day. It can be hard to remember to change the temp in the morning, change it again when you get home and then again before you go to bed. Instead, you can program the thermostat to adjust to specific temperatures at different times of the day. Pay attention to each product’s sourcing and packaging how to make your home more environmentally friendly to get a sense of its impact on our planet. When building a new house, you want to make sure your home will help you save money in the future as well as preserve the environment. Use these suggestions to make sure you’re building an environmentally friendly home. Lightbulbs have become so much more energy-efficient in recent years, so why not make a point of buying the most eco-friendly LED lights?

how to make your home more environmentally friendly

For example, if you’re away during the day at work, a programmable thermostat can keep the inside temperature warmer than you’d usually keep it, and trigger the A/C only when you get home. Composting toilets usually do not use water to “flush” like traditional toilets. They can also recycle many types of human waste into fertilizer that can be used in agriculture.

Now Is The Time To Make Your Kitchen More Sustainable Heres How

They offer credits based on the value of the items you bring, which can be swapped for items brought by others. Avoid trends and hunt for quality pieces you’ll wear for years. Some fabrics age better than others; the Guardian’s styling editor, Melanie Wilkinson, recommends looking for leather when shopping secondhand. Leather jackets, shoes and belts last for years and often look and feel better once they have been worn in. The environmental impact of denim – another durable fabric – means jeans are also best bought secondhand.

“Once a life skill, darning has skipped a generation ,” says Emma Mathews of Socko (, which makes socks from repurposed yarn. Use to garnish pies, in risottos and soups; wear gloves to avoid stings and wash thoroughly in salted water. Ensure foraged ingredients are identifiable before eating – check or

Replace Your Old Air Conditioner

While they are initially more expensive to install than traditional toilets, they are far more eco-friendly and will eventually pay for themselves. Shade trees can reduce the amount of energy you spend to cool your house on hot summer days.

  • There are many people who “forget” to wash their hands after doing their business.
  • According to the EPA, toilets account for almost 30 percent of the average household’s indoor water usage.
  • Instead of purchasing a dozen rolls of paper towels when you are ready to do your spring cleaning, cut up an old t-shirt and use that as a rag instead.
  • Ideally, perhaps, you might like to move to a larger home but the economy has you worried and you want to spend your money wisely.

GreenFiber cellulose insulation is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional insulation. It can be blown through small holes into walls, so it is easy to use when you’re remodeling. Do some research before investing in a programmable thermostat.

Ariel Whitely-Noll: Buying a live cut Christmas tree? Here’s how to care for this eco-friendly choice. – The Topeka Capital-Journal

Ariel Whitely-Noll: Buying a live cut Christmas tree? Here’s how to care for this eco-friendly choice..

Posted: Wed, 01 Dec 2021 16:02:10 GMT [source]

Air conditioners can cost up to 36 times more to run than a ceiling fan. In the United States, air conditioning accounts for more Alcoholism in family systems than a quarter of the average home’s electricity use. Most kids probably learn to brush their teeth while the water is running.

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