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How To Add And Change Cell Borders In Excel

Or right-click the selected cells, and then click Format Cells in the popup menu. To quickly insert and remove cell borders, Excel provides a couple of keyboard shortcuts. The Format Cells dialog is the most effective method of adding borders in Excel. It gives you easy access to all the settings including the line color and thickness as well as a nice diagram preview.

How do you show border lines in Excel?

You can either show or hide gridlines on a worksheet in Excel for the web. On the View tab, in the Show group, select the Gridlines check box to show gridlines, or clear the check box to hide them.

He writes about using different tools and software to help people to be more productive as a student or professional. In his spare time, he loves to watch Youtube videos on productivity. Click OK, and in one go, you will format your entire dataset in one go. Doing this will assign a bottom border to cells A3 to D3.

Adding Combined Borders

In the Border area of this dialogue box, you can make few tweaks to align borders around your text data in a single place. To have cell borders inserted automatically, format your data as an Excel table and choose from foreign exchange market a rich collection of predefined table styles. Please do not confuse cell borders with worksheet gridlines. Unlike gridlines, cell borders do not appear in a worksheet by default, you need to apply them manually.

Once you have received the verification code, you will be able to choose a new password for your account. Borders can be used with the shortcut key Alt + H + B, which will directly take us to the Border option. Border frame in any data set is quite useful when printing the data or pasting the data in any other file. By this, we make the data look perfectly covered. For accessing Borders, go to Home and select the option as shown in the below screenshot under the Font section. After completing his graduation and MS, he has started his career as a freelance writer.

apply a top and double bottom border

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that when you do this, the line color and style you selected will remain as the choices for those predefined borders. While this may be exactly what you want, it also may not be. Before you use the drawing tool, you can select a style and color for your border if you like. Start by selecting the cell where you want to add a border. Then, go to the Home tab, click the Borders drop-down list, and view the Draw Borders section at the bottom. I select this range to apply the newly created style.

How To Create A Border In Excel Using The Ribbon

Cells with formatting will draw the viewer’s attention to the important cells. You can create lines of various colors by first selecting the color you want and then clicking on the border icon for the border line you wish to draw. For a border grid, you can do the same by clicking to erase one line at a time or drag through sections of the grid to remove multiple lines. To use Draw Border, click each line to create a border for a single cell. This lets you add whichever parts of the border you want or mix and match colors and styles.

Great for images, buttons, or any other element. What are your favorite Excel formatting tips? How do you make sure that the right cells stand out to your user?

As you can see below, applying No Border to cell B2 and the range of cells from A9 to D9 has removed any existing borders around the cells. You can remove any of these borders using the No Border option. Select any cell or range of cells and click on No Border. Just like columns, you can separate different rows from each other or individual cells in consecutive rows. You’ll have to follow the same process with varying selections of cells. Here, adding a Bottom Border to column 3 from cells A3 to D3 helps separate the actual data in columns 4 to 7 from main field names in column 3.

You see the list that you have applied to your cell style. Click again on the Cell Styles drop-down, you see my ExcelDemy style is listed under Custom. Now click on the Print option in the File tab, you see the Print Preview is displaying the borders you have used.

File Options Excel Shortcuts:

You switch to the Border tab and select the line style, line color and borders of interest. There are a number of styles that you can choose from the Conditional Formatting dropdown menu. Each of these applies a different style of Excel formatting to your cells, but each will adapt based on the cells that you’ve highlighted. On the Page Setup box, tickGridlinesto add them to your printed copy.Keep in mind that this option will certainly use more ink when printing.

apply a top and double bottom border

Click a cell in column H to better see the borders. If you have lengthy text in a cell, you can force Excel to display it in multiple lines within the cell. To remove more than one border, drag the eraser tool across the borders that you want to remove. To remove a single border, click that border with the eraser tool. You can also use Thick Box Border, this will apply the thick border around the ranges. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

Extend Selection Options Excel Shortcut:

If you do not see the Cell Styles button, click the More button in the bottom right corner of the Styles box. I believe that life is too short to do just one thing. In college, I studied Accounting and Finance but continue to scratch my creative itch with my work for Envato Tuts+ and other clients. By day, I enjoy my career in corporate finance, using data and analysis to make decisions. I cover a variety of topics for Tuts+, including photo editing software like Adobe Lightroom, PowerPoint, Keynote, and more. What I enjoy most is teaching people to use software to solve everyday problems, excel in their career, and complete work efficiently.

  • On the Page Setup box, tickGridlinesto add them to your printed copy.Keep in mind that this option will certainly use more ink when printing.
  • Here, adding a Bottom Border to column 3 from cells A3 to D3 helps separate the actual data in columns 4 to 7 from main field names in column 3.
  • This feature is built into Excel and is calledConditional Formatting.It’s easier to get started with than you may think.
  • Now, on the “Home” tab on the Ribbon, you’ll see a “Font” section with controls for formatting text.

The “Erase” border lets you do the same thing, but for completely removing all borders. With the Erase tool active you can click on individual cells or multiple cells to take off all borders quickly. The Draw Border tool lets you draw individual lines or a full outside border around all of your active cells. To revert to the default border styles, select Line Color and choose Automatic and then select Line Style and choose the thin line at the top of the list .

Active Cell Options Excel Shortcuts:

The options in the “Borders” section of that menu cover most of the types of cell borders you’ll want to use. For example, a row of title text might benefit from a thick bottom border with empty borders on the top and sides. Selecting Erase Border turns the mouse cursor into an eraser Clicking on a border line with the tip of the eraser will remove that border line. If you have removed too much you can drag in the opposite direction. You could also click on the undo button and try again. To have more control over the look and style of the cell borders, use the advanced border options.

What will be your formula if you are going to get the average?

Average, which is the arithmetic mean, and is calculated by adding a group of numbers and then dividing by the count of those numbers. For example, the average of 2, 3, 3, 5, 7, and 10 is 30 divided by 6, which is 5.

At the very bottom of the menu, clicking the “More borders” option opens up the “Format Cells” window to the “Border” tab. Select “Outside Borders” to select a 0.25 point line around the selected cells, or “Thick Box Border” to select a heavier stroke. You can change the “line styles” of the border.

How To Format Borders In Excel To Make Your Data Visually Appealing

Doing this will make the spreadsheet more visually appealing. The single side borders named as left Border, right Border, top Border, and bottom border falls in the first category. As the name suggests, selecting each option will add the border to the respective side of the cell. When you go into the dropdown menu of Borders in the Home tab of Microsoft Excel, you’ll see various pre-built options available to add borders. To add an outline border around the current selection, press the following keys at the same time. To apply a line color and style other than defaults, choose the desired Line Color and/or Line Style under Draw Borders first, and then select borders.

How do you apply a top and double bottom border to range a12 d12?

Apply the Top and Double Bottom Border to the selected cells with a single command. On the Home tab, in the Font group, click the Borders button arrow, and select Top and Double Bottom Border.

The format cells dialog box appears with theBorder tab activated. You can also use the dialog box launcher to open this dialog box. You have the option to add a border to the top, bottom, left, and right of the current selection, and also the option to add a border between rows and columns. Finally, you can add lines that run diagonally across cells. However, sometimes you need to add all horizontal borders to range, including horizontal middle line, how could you solve it? Here I will introduce a couple of ways to add horizontal borders only in a specific range in Excel.

You can turn off gridlines by unchecking Gridlines on the Layout tab of the ribbon. There is another way to frame borders in excel. This is one of the shortcuts of accessing the functions available in excel. The Border button on the ribbon only provides access to outside border types. To access all available settings, including inside borders, click More Borders… at the bottom of the drop-down menu. This will open the Format Cells dialog box, which is explained in detail in the next section.

You see your cells are styled with your own way. Border command in the Home ribbon is a split button. By default, theBottom Border option is selected on the left of the button.

Spreadsheets are often seen as boring and pure tools of utility. Sure, they’re very useful for organizing data or making calculations. That doesn’t mean that we can’t bring Venture fund some style and Excel formatting to our spreadsheets. To get started, simply highlight a column of data and make sure that you’re on theHometab on Excel’s ribbon.

Formulas List Growing list of Excel Formula examples for common Excel tasks. Select the cell where you want to add the shading. Portions of this content are ©1998–2022 by individual contributors. Content available under a Creative Commons license.

In the example below, you can see a simple financial statement for a freelancer, before and after I apply basic formatting. The combination of bold, italic, and underline effects really make the information more readable. To apply any of these effects, simply highlight the cells that you want to apply the effects to, and then click on the icons on theFontsection of theHometab.

Can u Set Page border in Excel?

You can not set page border in Excel.

Additionally, if you choose the Thick Bottom Border option on a cell that doesn’t have an existing border, then Excel will only add that thick bottom border. It won’t add the rest of the borders on the other sides of the cell. The Inside preset adds borders between cells, both horizontally and vertically. The Border tab also contains border presets. These are shortcuts to quickly add more than one border setting at a time. Even though the ribbon has numerous setting for borders, in general, I’d recommend that you always apply borders with the Format Cells dialog.

Excel spreadsheets can be hard to read at a glance, thanks to dense information and the grid formatting. Spending a little time on your spreadsheet to make it easier to read is a solid plus, starting with the borders around different cells. Many Excel shortcuts are longer than those for other programs. This is because one type of function can have several options, such as adding borders or freezing panes.

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